Judd & McClelland (1989) cover


Judd, C.M., & McClelland, G.H. (1989). Data Analysis: A Model Comparison Approach.

The course closely follows this textbook so all students should have a copy. Handouts, old homework problems, datasets used in the textbook and problems, and other information about the book can be found by using the textbook link above. These datasets and homework problems will be provided to students in the class by more direct means. However, local students may want to examine some of the handouts available via the above link.

Note: The first printing is exhausted but Harcourt Brace is providing a softcover reprint version while decisions are being made about the form of a 2nd edition. In the meantime, the 1st edition can still be ordered from Harcourt Brace and most booksellers using the new ISBN: 0-15-504461-3

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