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Seuss Lab contains 16 X-terminals connected to the Unix computer samiam. The Seuss Lab and Samiam are maintained by Information and Technology Services (ITS) at the University of Colorado. Information about ITS computing resources is available at

Help for basic questions can be obtained by sending email to Equipment malfunctions and serious problems should be reported to

Unix and Software Resources

UNIX Basic Commands. These are handouts from the ITS Brown Bag series on basic unix.

Pico. An easy to use, but powerful text editor.

Emacs. A more powerful and more complicated text editor.


SAS SAS is the statistical software package used for all class assignments. Any statistical package with a multiple regression program is suitable for performing all analyses taught in this course.

SAS Web Site. General inforamtion about SAS, SAS products, sample files, etc.

Guides to SAS developed at York University. Good guides are available for SAS Data Step, Linear Models, PROC REG, PROC GLM, SAS/INSIGHT, SAS/ASSIST, etc.

SAS,V8 documentation Complete SAS documentation. Only available from IP addresses.


Many of the handouts, exams, and other course materials are distributed in Adobe's Portable Document Format (pdf). Acrobat Reader is installed on samiam. However, those wishing to read those documents on other computers need to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader and may need to configure their web browsers to use it as a helper application.


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