Note: It may take 30-60 seconds for the applet to appear to the right. Thanks for your patience.

This experiment is about different graphical representations of the statistical test of the difference in means of two independent groups. For each graph you will be asked to adjust certain of its features so that it represents a mean difference between two groups of 30 observations each and in which the variances are the same. The results of the statistical test are t(58) = 2, p = .05. In other words, the difference is just significant at the conventional standard.

After answering the questions to the right, press the "Next Screen" button. After following the instructions on each new screen, click the "Next Screen" button. There are three screens on which you make adjustments and three screens of feedback information. There is sometimes a pause of 10-30 seconds after you click the "Next Screen" button while a network connection is made to save your data.